Support Us

As a nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of individual donors to help fund our mission. Your contribution enables us to do our work at this critical time and we truly appreciate it.

Your donations will be spread across helping us run Faithless Hijabi, individual cases that we work with and events that we’ll be sponsoring in the future.
Your donations will be contributed towards:

Funding therapy sessions: mental health remains to be stigmatised in Muslim communities, for girls that face honour and religious based abuse who require professional help but can’t afford it, Faithless Hijabi works with external partners and will sponsor 6 sessions for every case referred dependant on donations.

Funding shelters when necessary: we often find ourselves in touch
with women who have left abusive homes and are on the run. While we connect them to other supporting organisations, we often require the funding to help girls with essentials and immediate needs.

Our admin: more on the operations side, technology used and other forms of outreach that require funding to support.

Volunteers: our volunteers have donated hours of their weeks to help us run this, in the future and as a last priority for funding usage.

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